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How do I make ICE CREAM?


Hey there farmers! 

One of the many things you can produce on your farm is ICE CREAM. Here's how to do that! 

Ice Cream - Head on over to the Dairy and give your worker 25 Milk, 25 Strawberry Cough, and 5 OG Kush to churn out 36 Cones of ICE CREAM in 2H 30M.

The Dairy building (blue building with white tanks) is unlocked at LVL 18 and produces the following:

  • Butter (1 worker)
  • Ice Cream (2 workers) *unlocked at LVL 26
  • Chocolate Milk (3 workers) *unlocked at LVL 33
  • EVEN MORE Butter (4 workers) *unlocked at LVL 40
  • Banana Split (5 workers) *unlocked at LVL 50

Remember that you will need to perform maintenance on these buildings after you run them a bunch of times! So be prepared for that!


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