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I made a purchase but I didn't receive it!


Hey there farmer!

I am so sorry that the purchase you made in-game did not come through properly. That is the very last thing we want.

In this case, we will need two key pieces of information from you in order to process the purchase: 

  1. Please find and include a copy or screenshot of your App Store receipt (Apple would have emailed this to you after you made the purchase.)
  2. In addition, please provide your Device ID #. (This ID # is how I access your Game account info.)

    Here is how to get it:
  • On the startup screen of the van driving away, tap on the license plate a few times. Take a screenshot and attach it in your email.

Once you have this information, send it to support@grassroots.zendesk.com, and mention the fact that you have a failed purchase, and we will get things taken care of right away for you.  

Have a great day, and feel free to click below to let us know if this article helped you out!

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