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I lost my farm / How do I transfer my farm to a NEW or FACTORY RESET device?

So you lost your phone, had to factory reset your device, or by some other means lost access to your farm? Don't worry! No matter what happens, we always keep your game data safe and stored on our servers. All we need is a little information from you to help us locate it! 

We can manually transfer your Bud Farm: Grass Roots account over to a new or factory reset iOS device if you're unable to retrieve your farm via Facebook yourself.

If you have connected your game to Facebook previously

  1. Complete the tutorial on the new game
  2. Go to Settings in-game (Phone icon then Gear icon)
  3. Reconnect to the same Facebook account
  4. The game will ask which game you want to use, "Old Farm" or "New farm". Select "Old Farm".

This should then connect you back to your original account just as it was on your old device!

If you select the "New Farm" option you will continue playing the brand new farm. Please be sure to get in touch with us if you have selected that by accident.

If you did not connect your game to Facebook on your old device

Submit a request with:

  • Your Budbook UD/username
    • Your username is the name you entered in Budbook when you started selling in the Dispensary and using Floydslist. It's also displayed when anyone visits your farm.
  • Your new Device ID 
    • Your Device ID is displayed at the bottom of the in-game Settings menu. Just screenshot that and attach it in your ticket / email.

With the above info we will work with you to reconnect your game to your new device!

Please note that because Pot Farm (Android) and Bud Farm (iOS) are separate games, we are not able to transfer progress between platforms.

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