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I need to change my farm's FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!

If you have accidentally connected your farm to the wrong Facebook account, or you would like to connect a new Facebook account, we can definitely help you with this. :)

First of all, we will need for you to submit a request with your Device ID - this ID # is how we locate your account info.

How to get your Device ID:

  • While the game is loading on THE OPENING SCREEN, tap multiple times on the van's licence plate. Your Device ID # will pop up in a message window. Screenshot that.
  • If you're already in the game, go to the Phone icon at the bottom right, then the Gear icon at the top for Settings. At the bottom of this window is your Device ID. Screenshot that.

Attach the screenshot in the submission form or in your email to our support team.

Once we receive your ticket, we will remove the Facebook account attached to your game and reply to your ticket.

To connect the NEW Facebook account, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Facebook App on your phone, signing into your NEW/correct account.  (You may have to sign out of the old account first.)
  1. Open Grass Roots.

  2. Tap on the Phone icon in the lower right hand corner of your game.
  1. Tap the Settings icon. (The grey gear icon, it is at the top.)
  1. Tap the Facebook icon.
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