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How do I play Bud Farm: Grass Roots?!

Here are some quick and helpful hints on how to play Bud Farm: Grass Roots overall!

  1. To progress faster you need to:

    • Plant and harvest as many seeds as you can. This earns XP, and buds for selling or making products with.
    • Make products in contraptions (buildings) or gizmos. This earns XP and products sell for more Coins than buds do!
    • Complete all the Quests available at the time. This earns XP and items.
    • Complete as many jobs as you can. This earns XP and Coins. Earn more by renting a vehicle from the garage!
    • Sell as much as you can from your Stash and Storage in your Dispensary (unlocked at LVL 7)
  1. To make your Plants as happy as they can be, so they produce more buds:

    • Water them! The Water icon will appear on a plant when the Pump is ready.

    • Ask a friend to help you!  Tap a pot that has a plant in it, and the info window on that plant will open up.  At the bottom, you will see the red/white exclamation point that says "Ask a Friend for Help".  Once you have sent out the Help request, you will see a grey/white exclamation mark on the left hand side of your pot; this means you are waiting for a friend to help you. When another player helps you out, you will see their name on the pot - tap the pot to get the Happiness! If you're friends with or are following them, be sure to visit their farm to return the favour!

    • Have your lights and pumps upgraded as high as you can! This means more buds!

    • For instant maximum growth and happiness, you can use Guano on your plant!
  2. To add Friends or to Follow other players: 

    • Tap the Phone icon in the lower right-hand corner of the game, then tap the green/white B symbol - this will open up Budbook. If you have not already connected to Facebook, the game will prompt you to do so. Once that's done, you will see Floyd and all existing Facebook friends who also play the game (on iOS) in that list! (It might take a bit of time for all of your friends to load.)

    • Don't have Facebook, or not friends with the player on Facebook? Use the Follow option instead! This allows players to add others so they are easy to visit again and again! Currently, farmers are allowed to follow up to 10 other players, but can have unlimited Followers!

      To Follow someone, simply visit their profile (either by searching for their Username or finding them via Floydslist) and tap the purple "Follow" button (with a star-banner).
  1. There are lots of ways to get more Potbucks!

    • Every time you Level up you will get a certain amount of Potbucks.  The amount varies from level to level.
    • Potbucks are just one of the random rewards you can get for squashing spider mites. You can also squash Spider Mites when you visit other farmers' grow ops!
    • You can buy different amounts of Potbucks for real currency.  Visit the Store to see what promos there are for you to choose from.
    • You can watch video ads, or complete surveys or offers accessible via the golden fountain in the bottom left-hand corner of your farm.
    • When you help friends by watering their plants, Potbucks are one of the random rewards you can get!

We really hope this quick introduction helps you out! Thanks for playing Bud Farm: Grass Roots with us!

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