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What are KARMA CONTESTS? How do I participate?


Karma Contests pit you against other players in a timed competition of who can perform the most of any particular set of actions on your farm! These actions include the usual things you're already doing on your farm such as swatting Spidermites, using Guano, or completing jobs from your Job Board!

During an active Karma Contest, your trailer will glow blue on your farm. Tap on it and you'll be brought to your current standing in the Karma Leaderboard.

At the top, you'll notice three icons. Let's visit their screens from left to right.

The ACTIONS screen will display the current actions you need to perform to earn Karma. Some actions may require you to perform an action a set number of times before you receive any Karma.

The RANKING screen will display the leaderboard with your current ranking. Perform more actions to climb the leaderboard, but be careful not to fall behind! The Leaderboard is updated periodically, so don't get caught up watching it when you could be earning Karma! (Please note: Leaderboards are not final until the contest is over.)

The TROPHIES screen will display your Trophy and Crown collection, as well as your placement in the previous contest. If you were in a winning tier, your placement will be displayed by the appropriate colour and a trophy/crown icon.

Karma Contests occur twice a week, so compete strategically and you'll be sure to win EMERALD!

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