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How do I sell things in my DISPENSARY?


To start selling your items, you will need to be Level 7 or higher.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Click on your Dispensary. (This is the building with the green cross sign on the roof.)

2. Click on one of the 'Create New Sale' spaces.

3. At this stage you have the choice to sell from your Stash - where all your Strains of Weed are kept (the ziploc baggie with the green weed leaf on the front) or from your Storage - where all your materials are kept (the brown packing box with the green weed leaf on the front of it)

4. Once you have decided what item you are selling, you can determine the amount (to a certain max) and the cost (to a certain max)

5. Then click 'Create Sale'.

6. Now back in your Dispensary, you will see that item sitting in the space for sale. (In the top right corner you will see how many of that item you are selling and underneath it, your asking price in Coins.)

7. It will sit there for Sale until another Player comes along and buys it. When they have bought it, it will say SOLD! in that same space. (You will see the profile pic of the Player who bought it.)

8. Click on 'SOLD!' to collect the Coins. These Coins are added automatically to your current Coin total.

Hurray! :D


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