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How do I gain MASTERY of my plants?


Attaining Mastery (especially at Level 5) can be really tough and requires a fair bit of work and patience in order to achieve. In this case, I would definitely recommend that you focus on planting the strains you wish to master in your pot with the best lights and water pumps - the higher they are upgraded, the more buds you will receive. You'll also need to keep a very close eye on it, and ensure that you are watering it on time and swatting any spider mites that show up with efficiency.

There is always a certain level of chance with growing plants, so you might need to try a few times before you grow the best plant possible. Keep trying! :)

Overall, here are the most important factors in achieving Mastery:

- Max plant happiness

- Fully upgraded water

- Fully upgraded lights

- Great timing

- A little bit of luck

Good luck!!!
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