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How do I ask other players to WATER my PLANTS? (and vice versa)


Here is how to ask for other farmers to help water your plants!

(Remember: it is the reverse for helping a friend water their plant.  You will be asked for help, instead of asking for help, through Budbook!)

In general, everyone is able to give out 5 Waters a day.  When you use them up, they will reset the following day.

Since you have 5, and all your friends have 5, you can help each other out back and forth! :D

1. Tap on your Plant and ask for help.  This will send out a message through Budbook, and allow another Player to help you by watering your plant for you when they click on your request in the "Requests" section of Budbook. Keep in mind you're only able to request 1 water per day.

2. You can in turn help a friend water their plant when they have tapped their Plant. In your Budbook, you'll see this icon instead of the "Visit" button:

Just tap it, then water their plant!

While you're at it, to water random players' plants and earn things like XP, Pot Bucks or even guano, go to Floydslist and tap on an item. Instead of buying it, tap the X in the corner to leave their dispensary and view their farm. Now you can go inside their grow shack and water their plants!

The more friends you have, the more watering help in a day you can get!

Let's all be AWESOME neighbours and share the WATER!!! 



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