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Connecting to Facebook


So you're having trouble connecting to Facebook in Bud Farm: Grass Roots, here's what you need to do:

1st make sure you have Bud Farm installed and the Facebook App installed on your iOS device.

Now open the Settings menu on your phone, this is not the settings menu in the game but the root settings menu of your iOS device.

Scroll down until you find Facebook. Facebook and all other apps have their own individual settings within the general settings menu on your device. Open these settings, you'll see a toggle switch that is in the on position, flip it to the off position and close the settings.

Now open the Facebook app and make sure you're logged into the account that you'd like to have connected to your Bud Farm Progress.

Note before the next step take note of your Potbucks total, you are about to connect to Facebook and claim the Potbucks reward for doing so.

Open Bud Farm, go into budbook and tap the connect button. The game pops over to Facebook briefly and Facebook may ask you for permission to connect. Once permission is granted you'll be able to go back into Bud Farm and see that your friends list is now populating. A thank you for connecting message appears and grants you Potbucks! Yay!

Now that the game and your Facebook are connected you can go back into the devices general settings and toggle Facebook back on! 

All done! 

For any more help or questions that you can't find here in the general guides section hop on over to our fan page where thousands of players and our game's community team are helping players everyday with all kinds of problems like this one:  https://www.facebook.com/BFGrassRoots/


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