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Floydslist Frustration and Dispensary Fails!


There's a couple main issues players encounter with Floydslist, Items are already sold, loading dispensaries is very slow and prices are higher for lower level dispensaries. 

Sometimes when two or more players buy the same item at the same time from another player's dispensary the animations of the item being purchased will play for all purchasing players. This is because it can be difficult for the game to rectify a tie between the purchasing players. The only way coins are deducted though is if you are in fact the player who received the items being purchased. If you did not receive the items you can rest assured that your coins were not deducted! Usually in this instance the "Items Already Sold" message appears but sometimes when the timing is especially close this message does not appear. 

Loading dispensaries can be very slow sometimes. Each farm is a rather large amount of data, and the load times can sometimes be a little high.... and not the right type of "high". ;)

What you see in your dispensary is different than what others see in your dispensary. Likewise what you see in another player's dispensary is different than what that player sees in their own dispensary. The reason for this is to keep the game's coin economy flush and prevent the game's overall economy from inflating to the point that it is no longer challenging or fun!

If you have more to say or have more questions about this topic be sure to visit our fan page, tons of buds there are eager to talk about the game and will probably have ideas and solutions to improve your gameplay! 


Puff on, friend!

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