What do you need help with?

Errors, Loading, Crashing etc.


"My game won't load"

If your game won't load, there could be a couple issues. There's a couple things you can do to fix it:

1) Delete the app and reinstall it. 9 times out of 10 this is all that's needed to fix the problem, chances are you've recently updated and have some bad data in there. Deleting the app and re installing from the App Store will fix this right away. Deleting the app will not delete your progress which is tied to your device's unique ID #.

2) Make sure you have a solid WiFi or data connection to the internet with full signal. Bud Farm depends on the internet to send and receive data from our servers. If Internet is even a little weak it can cause the game to not load.

3) Remove other apps and media from your device, ensure you have at least 500 mb of free space for the game to access during start up. Having this additional storage will help the game load and run smoothly!

"Error message pops up when I do X"

This is a little trickier and will probably require you to contact our support peeps to get the full fix but before you contact support...

1) What are you doing when you see the error message? 

  • Connecting to Facebook - https://grassroots.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/222183308-Connecting-to-Facebook
  • Loading the game - See Above ^^^

2) What does the error message say?

  • Best to take a screen shot and attach it when you contact support

3) What is your device ID#? There is one way to get this:

  • During the start up screen for Grass Roots, tap the license plate on the van a couple times.
  • Be sure to copy it down exactly how it's shown, or take a screenshot of it and send it to us. :)

4) What device are you using and what iOS are you running?

  • This information is often vital to troubleshooting the error
  • We want to get you back to the game as fast as you do and providing us with all the right info is crucial for a speedy fix!

"My Game suddenly crashes for no reason and without warning"

For this please feel free to contact support at support@grassroots.zendesk.com We'd be happy to troubleshoot with you and get the game back working for you! 

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