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Data Changes - October 2016

A summary of data changes incorporated into the game in the month of October, 2016.

Balance Updates

  • Workers at the Bus Stop will no longer ask for items from the contraptions they work in, and will only ask for items you can produce at your current level
  • Chronic Crates now give out a higher amount of coins
  • Mystery Seeds give out fewer Acapulco Gold and more Coin Plants
  • Coin Plant Mastery Level increased to 10
  • Workers at the Bus Stop can now request Hashes and Hash Plants
  • Reduced sell price of basic buds (Maui Waui to Silver Haze) on the Job Board and within the Dispensary to increase the value of products and mystery seed plants
  • Jobs on the Job Board can now include Hashes and Hash Plants

Store Updates

  • Lowered amount of Coins for purchase
  • Emerald Material Crates now available
  • Bronze Material Crates now appear less
  • Decoration Crates added
  • Time-limited Zombie Crate made available for Halloween
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