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Account Recovery


Hey bud!

So you lost your phone, had to factory reset your device or by some other means lost access to your Bud Farm progress? We can recover it for you! We need to vital pieces of info to do this! 

The new device ID # and the Budbook username from the existing account!

To find your device's unique ID #: launch the Bud Farm app and during the loading screen tap the van's license plate several times!  A Window will appear that shows your device's ID#

The ID # is case sensitive so it's probably best to just take a screen shot and include this in your email to us!

The Budbook username is the name you entered in budbook, if you never entered a name in budbook unfortunately we will not be able to retrieve your account. Unless by chance you still have access to the old device and can get the old device ID # for us. If this is the case please specify in your message which device ID is the new one and which one is the old one so we can reconnect them properly for you!

Once you have all the above information together you're ready for the final step, Email us! support@grassroots.zendesk.com Remember to include both your device ID# and your budbook username and we'll take care of the rest!

Thanks for playing Bud Farm and have the dopest day! 

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